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On The Wings Of Love October 16 2015

On The Wings Of Love October 16 2015 tells the story of Clark Medina, a stubborn, heartbroken, Filipino American boy; and Leah Olivar, a happy-go-lucky Filipina with an American dream, and how their love grew through time, despite bad first impressions toward each other. Leah grew up in a very poor but happy family. Her mother, Rona went to America to follow her own American dream for her family; a better future. Life is initially well for the Olivars, until a tragedy enters their lives that will prompt Leah to follow in her mother’s footsteps, by way of a choir competition in San Francisco, California. After the contest, Leah will extend her stay in San Francisco to visit her mother’s grave and find a way to legally work in the United States to earn money for her ill father, Sol. To her surprise, Leah will not find her mother’s remains. And as her visa expires, finding a job that will allow her to stay in the US will also be difficult. With the urging of Jack, the mother of Leah’s ex-boyfriend, Jiggs, and out of desperation, Leah will agree into a fixed marriage to get her work permit. But with Leah’s limited resources, it will be hard for Jack to find her a partner. The only person that will agree to the small amount that Leah is willing to pay and is suitable for the situation is Jack’s nephew, Clark. Watch On The Wings Of Love October 16 2015 Episode below T-1 T-2 T-3 T-4 T-5